Laura Cavanaugh

Visit my web-site and check out my video shot at Olowalu pier in Lahaina, Maui.  I can be reached at 808-264-8643 to schedule an appointment or inquire about services.

Maui Open Studios Photo Op

Clay Simpson creates beautiful artwork on Maui!

New to Maui as of 2011 I moved here as an experiment really.  To see if I could make it working for myself providing Mobile Massage and Bodywork service to visitors and residents of the island.  So, far I am breaking even.  This experiment was to last five years.

The urge to pack up and move is always hovering right behind me.

I have an addiction to moving.  Scrapping it all, throwing everything away and just going to a new spot and starting over.  I’m tired of starting over and would just like to have a home with plenty of work to survive and a tropical place to live in.  So, Maui is the spot for the next five years.

Massage and Bodywork is the profession I have been practicing since 1996 (click here to see the list of my formal education).  Originally I got into Massage as a way to support myself while I worked on my art (at the time I was painting).  I also wanted to learn more about the body and do something which was meaningful and of tangible benefit to others. Massage seemed to be the right fit (this was way before the Spa explosion took place).

Over the years I became more and more fascinated with how the body works and sought out ways to learn more while working on as many people as possible to hone my craft of Bodywork.  At the same time the focus of “making a living” shoved its way to the foreground and slowly my artwork time became non-existent.

Just recently I have started back exploring art, at the moment figure drawing.  The human figure fascinates me.  After the 5 years of not drawing or painting I am revisiting these in a new manner.  New layers of the body are more visible to me as well as the core and sleeve of the body which Ida Rolf spoke much about in her Rolfing work.

I love being a Masseuse and Bodyworker because in the moment of a 60 -90 minute session I have been able to create a space for someone to experience a shift in their system to a more happy, relaxed, positive and inspired state of being.

I do this work because I know it is good for people.  And in the sometimes stressful world we live in today it is important for me to know I am helping people cope and lead better lives.  If everyone received at least one Massage or Bodywork session per month, I guarantee the world would be an entirely different place.




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